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Its your home and its time to take it back! Show those space invaders whose name is on the mortgage when you choose Freedom pest control for all your pest and rodent extermination needs!

pest control companyFamily owned and operated.
When it comes to your property, you can’t go wrong by selecting a service that has the dedication and true quality of a family behind it. And with a personalized customer service approach, our family owned and operated company has been providing reliable pest control services since 1991. We also have a British sister pest control company called Envirosafe Pest Control that operate out of East London and Bromley in Kent. For all British enquiries please visit the Envirosafe Pest Control website at envirosafepestcontrol.co.uk.

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Eradicating pests from your homeSomething’s been bugging you.
If the bugs are getting out of control, enough is enough! Your life at home should never resemble a bug collection for 7th grade science class. Keep the insects, spiders, and other undesirables outside where they belong – and feel comfortably cozy in your domestic setting once again.

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Residential rodent removal.
Your urban paradise has been pillaged by the most unmemorable mammals. But it’s not too late to rid your residence of the rodents! We are state licensed and fully insured, with a professional staff that will clear your property of pesky intruders such as mice, rats, and gophers.

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