Freedom Pest Control Biography


About Freedom pest controlThis is why we fight …

Freedom pest control has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the pest control industry. It is a privilege for us to highlight some of the most exciting information about us.

Enjoy an amazing customer service experience.
Respect and integrity are crucial to our operation, which is why we are proud that our employee turnover rate is very low. By treating each and every one of our employees with the utmost respect, we believe our customers benefit by receiving a friendly and focused service experience. Our frequent customer referrals and repeat business is an essential part of the growth and success of our business.

Experience industry-leading services.
The proof is in our profile. Freedom Pest Control is proudly a part of the Better Business Bureau, because we have some customers that have been with us for over 2 decades and the average customer sticks with us for about as long as they are located in our service area. You can rest assured, we are a pest control service you can count on to deliver industry-leading pest control solutions for your property.